SolidWorks Drawing Creation Basics Step-by-Step Tips 2024

Solidworks is a software known for its wide range of features. It is used for creating complex models and designs, which includes highly detailed drawings. Solidworks is a very powerful tool in the work of designing and 3D (Three-Dimensional) modeling. For beginners as well as experienced people, gaining proficiency in drawing is an essential step in the world of Solidworks.. Whether you’re a professional, enthusiast, or student, conveying your design ideas clearly requires a grasp of SolidWorks drawing principles. We’ll go over the key tips and tactics to get you started with SolidWorks drawing in this complete guide.  

What is SolidWorks Drawing?

Let’s first go over what SolidWorks drawing comprises before getting into its specifics. A feature of the SolidWorks software suite called SolidWorks Drawing which allows users to produce intricate 2D drawings of their 3D models. These drawings provide important details like measurements, tolerances, and comments and are used as manufacturing blueprints. SolidWorks Drawing is a vital tool for engineers, designers, and manufacturers since it streamlines the process of recording and conveying design intent.

How to Create a New Drawing in SolidWorks?

Creating a new drawing in Solidworks needs some basic steps which should be followed. Those essential steps are mentioned below:

  1. Open SolidWorks: Open the SolidWorks software tool on your desktop.
  2. Select a Template: There are various drawing templates available in SolidWorks. Select the right template according to your specifications, including size and standard. You can directly open a new file by using the shortcut key ‘Ctrl + N’.
  3. Choose Document: After pressing on the New file, choose the right document option. Press on the Drawing option and then press ok.
  4. Select Appropriate Sheet Size: Before starting create an appropriate size which is required for your drawing.
  5. Start Creating: Start creating drawings in Solidworks.

These are the simple steps that you should follow for creating a new drawing in solidworks.

Add a Model View in SolidWorks Drawing: Step-by-Step

When your drawing is completed, you need to set up a model view. Setting up a model view to the solidworks drawing is essential to visualize and document your design. Here are the step by step process which will help you to set model view:

  1. Open Drawing: Firstly, open the file where you want to add a model view for better visualization.
  2. Insert Model: Go to the “Insert” menu in the drawing environment and choose “Drawing View” > “Model…”
  3. Choose Model: From the list of options, choose the model you wish to insert.
  4. Position Model: Simply click where you want the model view to be displayed on the drawing sheet.
  5. Adjust Settings: Adjust the model view’s display parameters, like scale and orientation, to meet your needs.
  6. Confirm Placement: Click to confirm the model view’s positioning once you’re satisfied with the positioning and settings.

There are the steps which will help you in integrating a model view very seamlessly into your solidworks drawing, which will help you in providing a clear representation of your design.

How to Add Annotate/Dimension in SolidWorks Drawing

After setting up the drawing view, you should add Annotations which is also known as dimension. Annotations and Dimensions are essential components of solidworks drawing, because they are used for providing important information of the design such as geometry and other specifications. Here are the steps for how to add annotations and dimensions in the drawings for better understanding:

  1. Select Annotation Tools: Open the SolidWorks drawing environment and select the annotation toolbar.
  2. Choose Dimension Tool: Select the right dimension tool such as linear, radial, or angular based on the type of dimension you want.
  3. Click Entities: Click on the entities which include lines, arcs, circles, etc.
  4. Place Dimension: By clicking on the desired location, position the dimension line and the text.
  5. Adjust Properties: As needed, customize the dimension properties such as style, tolerance and text size.
  6. Add Additional Annotations: For clarifying design idea, you can use additional annotation tools to the notes, symboles as well as text

These are some of the steps to add annotation for the design, for adding more clarity to a design.


To create detailed 2D representations of their 3D models, SolidWorks is a best and powerful software. Throughout the manufacturing process, beginners can effectively collaborate with stakeholders and communicate their design ideas by mastering the basics of SolidWorks Drawing. By proper practice and training, beginners can build their successful career potential and build their journey toward becoming professional designers and engineers. If you are thinking of learning SolidWorks Course from the basics to advance with quality training from experienced faculties, we will recommend Milestone Institute of Technology. Their faculty focus on providing the best for students’ career growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create drawings in SolidWorks without a 3D model?

Yes, users using solidworks are able to make drawings from scratch without having to rely on pre-existing 3D models. You can use the drawing tools for creating 2D sketches and annotation/dimensions directly on the drawing sheet.

How can I export SolidWorks drawings for manufacturing purposes?

Among the various export formats which solidworks offers, DXF, DWG, and PDF are mostly used in the industries. As per requirement you can choose the right file format.

Is SolidWorks Drawing suitable for architectural design?

Although its main application is in mechanical and industrial design, solidworks can also be used in architecture design. However, because of their particular features and tools, specialized software like AutoCAD or Revit might be better appropriate for architectural applications.

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